Donau Danuflex 145

Drilling machines Radial-, Column-, Multiple-

Stock number: 080357
Serial number: 140313
Drilling capacity: 45/55mm
Threads: M36/M45
Table: 1200x750mm
Distance Spindlenose-Table: 40-710mm
Arm movement Radial : 1050mm
Radius: 540-1590mm
Arms swivel: 330deg.
Spindletaper: Sk40
Quilltravel: 220mm
Spindlespeed stepless: 15-2800rpm
Feeds: 0,02-0,7mm/r
Spindlemotor: 5,5kW
Manufacturingyear: 2008
Length: 1900-2890mm
Width: 1200mm
Height: 2550-3000mm
Weight: 2560kg


Microjet MKS-G260 minimal lubrication, Coolant, Stepless spindlespeed

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