Elb Rotary 100S-VS Unicorn CNC

Rotarytable grinder CNC

Stock number: 120228
Serial number: 21.471.0491
Max diameter cylindrical grindning: 1000mm
Workpiece height: 450mm
Internal grinding min.: ø120mm
Internalgringding height max: 200mm
Table load: 1500kg
Table: ø650mm
Faceplate: ø500-1100mm
B-axle table rotation: 0,15-50rpm
U-axle Table swivel: ±30°
Y-axle spindle head vertical travel : 700mm
Z-axle column crosstravel: 925mm
C-axle Spindlespeed: 1000-4000rpm
V-axle Spindle osc. DRO.: 150mm
A-axle spindle angle-indication DRO.: ±50°
Spindlemotor: 2,8-11,2kW
Grinding wheel: 300x50x76,2mm
Powersupply: 45kW
Manufacturingyear: 1991
Length: 4000mm
Width: 2000mm
Height: 3650mm
Weight: 15ton appx.



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