Haco HSLX 3016 SC7p

Guilliotine shear

Stock number: 150131
Serial number: 69010
Capacity full length: 16mm
Capacity 1m: 18mm
Cutting length: 3050mm
Cutting angle: 0,5-4,5°
Sheet holders: 18pcs.
Cutting speed: 5-10st/min
Motorized backguage: 1000mm
Angle guage: 1000mm
Motor: 30kW/230V
Mnufacturingyear: 1999
Length: 4160mm
Width: 2200mm
Height: 2450mm
Weight: 15ton


  • Aut. cutting angle, blade gap & cutting length

  • Programable backguage 8 program & DRO.

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