Mori Seiki NL2500SY/700

CNC lathe

Stock number: 010763
Serial number: NL251FF2136
Swing : 923mm
Swing over crosslide: 755mm
Turning diameter: 356mm
Turning length: 705mm
Bar capacity: 80mm
X-travel: 260mm
Z-travel: 795mm
Y-travel: 100mm
Subspindle B-axle travel: 734mm
Spindlespeed: 0-4000rpm
Subspindle speed: 6000rpm
Turret: 12pos.
Live tool speed: 6000rpm
Feed: 30m/min
Feed Y-axle: 10m/min
Spindle motors: 18,5/18,5kW
Motor live tool: 3,7kW
Manufacturingyear: 2006
Length: 3793mm
Width: 2000mm
Height: 2120mm
Weight: 6000kg


  • Magazine Iemca Master 880

  • Well equipped

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