Emco Hyperturn 665 MC Plus

CNC lathe

Stock number: 010776
Serial number: R7AQ2301
Turning diameter: 430mm
Turning diameter over slide: 600mm
Turninglength: 744mm
Distance between spindles: 975mm
Spindle speed: 0-5000rpm
Barcapacity: 65mm
Deviding C-axles: 0,001°
Y-axle: 100+/-50mm
Turret I: 12pos. VDI 30
Live tools turret I: 12pcs. 4000rpm
Turret II: 12pcs. VDI 30
Spindlemotor main/sub spindle: 21/29kW-17/22kW
Manufacturingyear: 2002
Length: 3400mm +conveyor
Width: 2550mm
Height: 2350mm
Weight: 7600kg


  • Siemens 840D Manuf.

  • Kama 3265

  • B-axle Quick Mill

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