Okuma LT2000EX OSP P200L

CNC Turning & milling center

Stock number: 010789
Serial number: 157363
Swing over crosslide: 400mm
Distance between spindlenoses: 960mm
Spindlebore: 62mm
Spindlespeed left/right: 50-5000/6000rpm
Movement XA-XB: 205mm
ZA-ZB: 700mm
W: 730mm
YA-YB: 95mm
Turrets: 2x 16pos Multitasking V16
Spindlespeed livetools: 45-6000rpm
Motors livetools: 5,5/3,7kW
Spindlemotors: 22/15kW
Manufacturingyear: 2011.09
Length: 3300mm
Width: 2500mm
Height: 2500mm
Weight: 9000kg


  • 13000h workinghours

  • Robot interface

  • 2x SMW Autoblok 250BH chucks

  • Swarf conveyor

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