HAAS VR11 5-axl

Machining centres

Stock number: 060835
Serial number: 22076
Longd.travel: 3048mm
Crosstravel: 1016mm
Vertical travel: 762mm
A & B alxe: +32-32deg.
Table: 3048x711mm
Table load: 1814kg
Spindlespeed: 7500rpm
Spindle taper: ISO 40
Feed: 9,1/15,2m/min
Feed A & B-axle: 1900deg/min
Spindlemotor: 30hp
Powersupply: 40A
Manufacrutingyear: 2000
Length: 6528mm
Width: 3630/4054mm
Height: 2750/3124mm
Weight: 16,5ton

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