Abene VHF3 BS

Milling machine

Stock number: 060832
Serial number: 6207
Longd. travel: 750mm
Crosstravel: 275mm
Vertical travel: 490mm
Quilltravel: 75mm
Table: 1200x320mm
Table load: 400kg
Spindlespeed: 44-2000rpm
Spindle taper: ISO 40
Feeds: 0-1500mm/min
Vertical feed: 0-600mm/min
Rapid traverese: 3000/1200mm/min
Spindlemotor: 6hp
Manufaturing year: 1983
Length: 1560mm
Width: 1800mm
Height: 1850mm
Weight: 1550kg


Stepless feed, quill movement, Heidenhain DRO, arbour support.

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