Bystronic PR250x3100


Stock number: 160076
Serial number: 6450016
Capacity: 250ton
Working length: 3100mm
Stroke: 365mm
Daylight: 650mm
Rapid traverse: 190mm/s
Workingspeed: 10mm/s
Returnspeed: 150mm/s
Manufacturingyear : 2006
Length: 4200mm
Width: 2200mm
Height: 3800mm
Weight: 22ton


  • 6-axl. backuage

  • Hydraulic toolclamping RF-A

  • Hydraulic toolclamping in table T12

  • Extended stroke & tool space 100mm

  • AKAS bending support with swing

  • Crowning

  • CNC Cybelec ModEva 12

  • Fiessler laser safety

This info is to the best of our knowledge, but is not binding in detail. Buyers are responsible to ensure machines comply with local safety regulations.